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  • Description: IntroductionThis driver is specifically made for experienced golfers and this is not an average golfer's club. Ping claims that the weight distribution has been changed to make this driver more balanced than previous editions. Its center of gravity also allows you to strike the ball and make it fly through the air with less spin than its previous counterparts. Ping applied a lot of technology to this club which will help the experienced golfer work the ball flight. The sweet spot is smaller though, since it is a more workable driver. It did put more technology in the club face to allow more forgiveness than the i15 driver had when it came out.OverviewIts look is one of the best things going for the Ping i20 driver. It has a black finish and it feels great when you swing the club. Compared to the i10 or i15 drivers, you can actually feel how better balanced this club actually is. The feel of the club head is impressive as you can feel it throughout your swing and you can get immediate feedback when you mishit a golf ball. This driver is not for the average golfer though as its sweet spot is much smaller than the Ping G20 driver, so it is advisable that you bypass this club if you are a high to medium handicapper.The GoodThe one thing good that is going for the i20 driver is the superior look it has over almost any other driver in the market today. The weight and balance also gives the driver a good feel and when you hit the ball it seems to shoot off the club face like a bullet. At $349, the price is okay for it being a new model, but it could certainly be better. It is quite easy to manipulate because you can feel where the club head is throughout your swing. The Ping i20 driver will make the ball fly a lot easier than any driver out in the market today.The BadThe Ping i20 is good but it certainly isn't that much better than the i15, although it does look much better. You may want more forgiveness from the club, even if you are an experienced golfer, because the ball does not go very far if you mishit it. One disappointing thing we noticed on the i20 is that it can easily shoot off to the right or left on mishits, unlike the Ping G20 which has straighter ball flights on mishits. The shaft selection is also another thing some experienced golfers may not like about the i15. This club only has two shafts that you can get with the club, and if you like a certain shaft, then you will be asked to pay extra just to have the shaft you want put in this driver. The stock shafts are good, but the selection is disappointingly limited.Bottom lineThis driver is not really a must buy for your golf club collection. It is not a huge improvement over its predecessors like the i10 or i15. Golf complete sets to buy this driver is when the driver you have in your bag is already old and worn out. You need to hit the club in the center on a consistent basis but once you do, it does drive the ball well when you it in the sweet spot. This driver is specifically manufactured for the serious golfers and if you are just a beginner or you are just starting out, then this is not for you.

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